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Why to study in Germany?

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Affordable Cost of Living
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Historical Site

Germany has been in the mouth of the world for a long time, not just for wrong reasons as World War II but for great reasons from their sense of organization and capacity to follow the rules to the great contributions to the world.

Germany is a full destination, offering from imposing cities to stunning natural landscapes composed by mountains, rivers and forests.

Worldwide known for their love to beer and sausages Germans have so much more to share, let’s find out more!

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Famous for and fun facts

Oktoberfest is the bigger and probably the most known beer festival in the world and a celebration to the love that Germans have for beer. Originally created as a wedding celebration for the king back in 1810 it is now annually celebrated in Munich for two full weeks and the beer consumption during Oktoberfest goes up to more than 7 million liters, can you even imagine it? During these days people come from all around the world to join the Germans to celebrate this moment.

Germany donations to the world are not just about beer and their car industry is something admirable! Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all have their origins in Germany and cars lovers will be amazed when visiting the car museums and specially the factories who organize guided tours to show how their cars are made.

Wagner, Beethoven, Bach, among others – Germany was home for some of the most known classical composers and their music is part of the country’s legacy. We can often hear their works being the soundtrack of the typical German Christmas markets that happen in the largest cities such as Cologne, Hamburg and Dresden. Christmas markets will fit perfectly in the main squares of these cities where you will find the typical German houses that make us thing of a fairy tale.

Famous for and fun facts


Although Germany is a big country, going from the Alps to the Baltic sea, the climate does not vary a lot from the north to the south. We can expect warm summers and mild winters. On the highest areas we can find snow from December to end of March, making of it a great ski destination. Rain will hit the country specially during summer months.

Either you visit the country in summer or winter you will find the places that goes perfect with it. During the winter, the beautiful Christmas Markets and the fun ski resorts are a must-do and during summer the north will offer you great beach areas as Binz Beach and Timmendorfer Beach or if you are in the interior you may enjoy lake beaches as Wannsee Beach by Berlin.


Culture and lifestyle

Germans are seen as disciplined people and they are. They have a very sharp since of punctually, so if you schedule an appointment (no matter if it is professional or friendly) with a German, be sure to be at least 5 minutes before time! You will find them spending their Sundays with their families or practicing their hobbies, since most shops are closed by Sundays. As English have their tea time traditions, Germans have their coffee and cake Sunday afternoon tradition.

Their sense of respect for others make them really care and when they ask you “How are you” they are expecting a real report on how you feel and what you are going through and not just a standard answer. Germans have a staring habit that can be uncomfortable for foreigners, so do not feel threated if people stare at you in the streets, it is normal!

If we are talking about culture we need to talk about Football since it is a religion for Germans! From the small children to grandmothers everyone supports their club and proudly wear their color on games day. They are passioned about this sport and the love for their club will pass from generation to generation.

Culture and lifestyle


Germany is becoming a huge destination for students who are looking for doing their higher education abroad. Overall it is a great option for students looking for the areas of science, technology and engineering but definitely if you are a history and culture lover this is it. Germany will immerge you in a full experience and make you feel as part of its traditions but although they are great English speakers, Germans will high appreciate if you learn their language!

We know Germans are exigent and so is their education system, so studying in Germany will for sure be demanding but hard work always pays off and with-it great career opportunities. Universities like to use what it is called a dual learning system, reducing the students time in school, and having them interning in companies. A good part of these companies will later offer job opportunities to these students. Companies, as any of the car companies we already talked about, but as well technology companies as Siemens and Bosch will often look for human resources in the universities.

Another great advantage for students going to public universities in Germany are the low or even inexistent tuition fees for both European and non-European students. However, you must be focused and committed, you must finish your degree, otherwise you might have to pay a fee to the university. Along with this great benefit, contrarily of what we could expect, the living costs are not the highest, food is very accessible, and students have discounts in a lot of facilities when showing their student id.


Food and drink

Starting with those we can find in every corner in every street, Wurst (Sausages) and Pretzels are king!

There are more than 1500 types of sausages in Germany and you will find lovers for all of them. Made from different ingredients and spices for sure you will find one that goes with your taste. The most traditional and popular ones are Wiener – smoked and then boiled, Bratwurst – smoked or roasted made from veal, beef or pork, Weisswurst – a white sausage that you peel before eating with sweet mustard, among so many others. You can find different types  of sausages from region to region, as well as special sauces.

You will find Pretzels all around town. With a knot shape, this pastry is typically served sprinkled with salt, however nowadays you can find other popular toppings as cheese, sugar, chocolate and cinnamon. It will be the perfect snack for a break while visiting the cities.

When going to a restaurant do not miss the opportunity to try Sauerbraten – the perfect Roast Beef stew, Schnitzel – Breaded Cutlet and Kartoffelpuffer – Potato Pancake. For dessert Apfelstrudel – the perfect apple strudel!

To drink, you already know, any German beer will fit your dish choice perfectly!

Food and drink

Shopping and Nightlife

As we saw before, Sundays are not a shopping day for Germans, spending time with the family and investing on self-time is a must-do on this day! The big cities are the perfect place for shopping lovers, and you will find international brands all around, by the way, did you know Puma and Adidas are German brands? Kurfürstendamm is the most famous shopping street in Berlin, so when there, enjoy and take a walk there to see what’s new.

You will find all nightlife types of people among Germans, you will find those who like to spend their evenings on a theatre or opera, those who are keen for a live music bar and those who love to go out and dance at nightclubs! And for the last ones, the fact that Germany is famous for its electronic music makes them proud. Proudly representing Germany in music you will find worldwide names as The Scorpions and Rammstein.

Shopping and Nightlife

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Things to see and do

Germany just looks like it came out of a fairy tale story and you will find magnificent things to see anywhere you go.

The big cities as Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, among so many others offer history, culture and everything you need to have a memorial trip.

Living Costs

The living costs while studying abroad will vary from city to city but there are some unavoidable costs for a student. However, remember the great perk of not having tuition fees or if so, being very low.

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transports
  • Course specifics (books, materials, field trips, etc)
  • Other (mobile phone bills, laundry, personal costs)
Living Costs

According to students surveys the medium spent for living costs about 850€ per month, however rent costs can reality vary regarding the type of accommodation chosen.

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