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Why to study in Ireland?

High-quality Education
Safe and Friendly
English-Speaking Country
Scientific Research Pioneer
Financial Aid for EU Students

Ireland, also known as Republic of Ireland and the “Emerald Isle”, is the top country to have a good beer in an Irish bar while doing a Celtic dance with a red-haired friend! So many clichés but all valid when visiting Ireland. A super friendly country that loves to welcome new people! From beautiful cities to stunning coastal areas, Ireland has it all!

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Famous for and fun facts

Where to start, Ireland is known for so many reasons! Who never wondered how cool it would be to spend Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland? Being part of the most traditional (and greenest) holiday of the country is a magnificent experience! Even if it started as a Catholic celebration, it is now a celebration of Irish culture and people gather in the streets, wearing green and cheering with a beer and traditional food. Don’t forget to bring your Saint Patrick’s Day elf for good luck!

Did you know that one of the most known advices – “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – was given by an Irish man? That man was Oscar Wilde, the very famous 19th century poet and playwright.

It will be a “Beautiful Day”“With or without you”! Just kidding, but don’t these words sound familiar to you? You are absolutely right! These are two of the most popular songs from U2! Probably one of the most famous bands in the world with lyrics that remain in time!

Famous for and fun facts


Being surrounded by water we can expect Ireland to be humid with mild temperatures but very rainy! It’s perfect for those who do not like extremes, not too cold, not too warm. The warmest spot in Ireland will be Valentia Island, but still rainy!

Despite of the rain, Ireland still offers amazing beach areas to explore such as Portsalon Beach or the Currocloe Beach, where it happens to have been filmed (drums ruffling) Saving Private Ryan, isn’t that cool?

The best of beach areas in Ireland is that they are surrounded by nature, one of the best things is Ireland! You have green landscapes everywhere.


Culture and lifestyle

Irish people are proud of their culture and heritage, specially of their own language – the Irish, also called Gaelic – and that is as official as English!

They love to go out and you will often find them in the bars during the week, after work, drinking their Guinness beer, while dancing in groups to the Celtic live bands. By the weekend they love to explore the natural beauty of their country, spending time in their parks, forests and coastline areas.

Ireland is part of the few countries in Europe where rugby is a big deal! The National Rugby Union team, composed by both Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK) elements, has a regular presence in the Six Nations Championship and the Rugby World Cup. Along with football, the rugby is one of the most popular sports among Irish people.

Culture and lifestyle


Along with the United Kingdom, Ireland is a popular country for students, giving them the advantage of living in an English-speaking country, what eases their integration on the daily basis. It has one of the best education systems in the world and is recognized specially for the high-quality scientific research that attracts postgraduates from all over the world.

By now you should have understood how friendly and open Irish people are and that is a great advantage of pursuing your studies in Ireland, being surrounded by welcoming people! Students find, as well, the country a very safe place to live.

Studying might be expensive and, although Ireland is not the most expensive studying destination, the European students might have the possibility of having free tuition fees and a financial aid for the annual student contribution if the eligibility requirements are met.


Food and drink

The best part of your experience, tasting the country flavors!

Irish love a good bread – wheaten bread, potato bread… but the number one favorite is Soda bread! No, it is not a bread with Coca-Cola. The difference from the traditional bread is that is used baking soda instead the traditional yeast.

The Irish Stew is the number one comfort food in the country! Made with lamb, mutton or beef and with potatoes, fresh vegetables and herbs in one pot until the meat is tender. A delight of the gods that will make you remember grandmother’s dishes!

Are you a beer fan? No one can go to Ireland without trying a Guinness beer! Since 1759 that this worldwide famous beer has been made in Dublin and it is today brewed in almost 50 countries. Open in 2000 the Guinness Store House based at St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin has already received over 20 million visitors.

Food and drink

Shopping and Nightlife

Temple bar is the most famous quarter in Dublin. By night, this bar and restaurant area will get crowded with locals and tourists who are looking for a good time! Traditional Irish music will fill the bars and the streets. This nightlife atmosphere is extended to all the country, specially to the cities where we find a younger population.

If you have time for some shopping while in Dublin, take a walk at Grafton Street where you will find not just the popular shops but as well small business as coffee shops and flower sellers and you will not miss the performance artists that bring the street to life!

Shopping and Nightlife

Talk with your adviser

Things to see and do

There is so much to see and do in Ireland either you are a city or a countryside lover!

Other cities

Other popular city among students to do their studies is Waterford, a very historical place since it is one of the original Viking settlements. Students love it for its culture, events and proximity to Tramore, a beach area and surfing spot.

Living Costs

The living costs while studying abroad will vary from city to city but there are some unavoidable costs for a student beyond tuition fees:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transports
  • Course specifics (books, materials, field trips, etc)
  • Other (mobile phone bills, laundry, personal costs)
Living Costs

According with the Education department of Ireland’s Government, studying in Ireland will depend a lot on the type of accommodation you choose and your personal lifestyle. On average they estimate that living costs for a student will vary between 7000€ and 12000€ per year.

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