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Why to study in Norway?

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Entrepreneurship Culture
Safe Destination
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Natural Destination

Considered one of the countries in the world with the highest quality of life, Norway will blow your mind if you are a nature lover, offering you hiking and photo opportunities like nowhere else. Located in the north of Europe it is part of the Scandinavia region and it is very well known by the aurora borealis and polar bears, let’s discover more!

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Famous for and fun facts

Norway was one of the founders of United Nations back in 1945 but that is not why there are 8 Norwegian landmarks and areas included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This country is a truly  delight to the eyes for its natural and cultural sites and Norwegians do a great job preserving it!

The northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis are something that amazes people since always. These lights are the result of the collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. To enjoy a true amazing show, you must head north and wait for 11 pm for the show to start.

Being a cold country has it perks, and it was here, in 19th century, that the modern skiing was pioneered. And talking about history, did you know that every year by Christmas time, Norway offers a Christmas tree to the United Kingdom? This tradition begun in 1947 as a gesture of gratitude to United Kingdom for its support to Norway during the World War II. You will be able to see this tree standing in Trafalgar Square in London

Famous for and fun facts


Although Norway is a cold country, the sun is there, and it is there for a long time! In the north of the country, you will find places where the sun only sets between 3 to 5 hours each night by May and July and by June, near to the summer solstice, it does not set at all. Full disclosure… bring your sunglasses and a sleeping mask!

The climate varies a lot regarding the part of the country but normally the coastal area will have mild winters while the interior will have cold and snowy winters and dry summers. The southern area of Norway is considered the summer paradise and Kristiansand is the most popular city in the summer for Norwegians.


Culture and lifestyle

Norwegians are disciplined people, and the balance between work/personal life is important for them! They work hard but when it is time to relax, they will! Norwegians have a healthy lifestyle, and you will often find them outdoors, hiking, swimming, running, cycling or, of course, skiing! Norwegians are as well passioned by traveling and might be why they are so open to new people and that most of population speaks English currently.

Norwegians like art and architecture and one of the most famous Norwegian names is Edvard Munch, the author of the worldwide known painting “The Scream”, an icon image of the world art.

Norwegians gave and keep giving their contribution for the world of music! Maybe you are too young to remember the band a-ha and the huge success that “Take on me” was and still is! Nowadays, we can hear to the Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo who shares his music to the 4 corners of the world. He is a regular presence in the festivals going on around Norway.

Culture and lifestyle


Norway is a dream destination for students who love nature and the possibilities to explore that side are unlimited! But there are some other good reasons why you should be considering pursuing your studies in the amazing country.

International students will find here an excellence education system recognized worldwide and its exigence will surely set them up for success. Students will have in Norway one of the safest destinations in the world and a place where they will feel welcome since most of the population speaks fluent English. This will allow the students to easily find a job opportunity in any local shop but as well, who knows, in one of the many startups present in the country, since that being an entrepreneur is part of Norwegians’ culture.

Although is known as one of the most expensive countries in the world, Norway is one of the very few who do not charge tuition fees in public universities, no matter the students nationality or origin.


Food and drink

Norwegians love to eat, and they often look for a healthy lifestyle, eating air raised animals, local and season fruits and vegetables.  Among the several festivals in Norway, food festivals are definitely a must!

Although is worldwide known for the salmon, Norway favorites do not stop there! Norwegians love any kind of fish and seafood and they have the best possibilities to have it thanks to their long coast and fishing tradition. Fish soup, fish cakes, seafood stew, stockfish (air-dried cod served with vegetables and potatoes), the options are unlimited.

But who would imagined that the most famous trear in Norway was the cheese? That is right! Brown cheese (caramelized goat cheese) is the number one favorite!

Aquavit will be the most popular beverage in Norway, a distilled drink made out of potatoes and grain and seasoned with herbs and spices. It is often consumed during festive dates such as Christmas, New Year’s and weddings.

Food and drink

Shopping and Nightlife

Norwegians are simple and not big shoppers, you won’t normally find street shops open after 5 pm on weekdays and after 2pm on Saturdays. Most of the shops are closed on Sundays. There are extended hours for shopping centers (8 pm) and you will find some, specially in Oslo, but when there, we invite you to cross the Karl Johans Gate, the most famous pedestrian street where you find shops, restaurants and street performers!

Norwegians like to have a good time and you will find them going out mainly on Friday and Saturday nights. Often their night starts with a vorspiel, a pre-party at home and then around 11 pm they head up to the clubs and bares. When in Oslo, you will find them having fun at the city center, the Aker Brygge waterside area and at the Majorstua district.

Shopping and Nightlife

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Things to see and do

The capital is always a must-do and Oslo has it all! It is a modern city and surrounded by nature, on the north by stunning mountains and on the south by the Oslofjord river.

Living Costs

The living costs of a student will vary from city to city, in Norway your lifestyle will have a huge influence in your monthly budget. International students try as much to enjoy the free activities Norway has to offer such as outdoor activities! Norway has the particularity of having free tuitions for international students, but there are some unavoidable costs for a student to count on:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transports
  • Course specifics (books, materials, field trips, etc)
  • Other (mobile phone bills, laundry, personal costs)
Living Costs

It is estimated that the living costs for a student will vary between 800€ to 1400€/month but can easily go up to 2000€ in bigger cities as Oslo.

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