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Why to study in the United Kingdom?

Worldwide Recognized Education
Sandwich Year – on-the-job training
Flexibility to work while studying
Do a Master in one year only
Intercultural Environment

Is it the rain and fish and chips that comes to your mind when you think about the United Kingdom?
You are not wrong, but there is so much more to discover about this kingdom, composed by 4 countries.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland united forces and became an excellence destination with so much to see.
Get lost in the busy streets of London, do a Celtic dance at Irish Bar, wear a quilt at Scotland or get back in time at Wales’ castles – by the way, did you know that Wales has more castles per square mile than other country in Europe?

Cool, right?

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Famous for and fun facts

The United Kingdom is worldwide recognized and mostly for the right reasons – has some of the most known football teams, intemporal musical lyrics – who can resist start singing when hearing “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” by Queen or “Hey Jude!” by the Beatles? – and who never dreamt to receive a letter from Hogwarts and take the train at 9/4 platform at King’s Cross?

“God save the queen!”, a very known expression that will come to your mind the moment you lay your eyes on the Buckingham Palace, fiercely guarded by the Queen’s Guards. Who does not remember Mr Bean’s moments making fun of these guys?

“You know nothing Jon Snow!”, the Northern Ireland countryside is simply amazing, but it became a must-see for all of Game of Thrones fans, where several scenes of this well-known tv show have been filmed. Will you miss it?

Famous for and fun facts


Do not let the rainy weather stop you! We often think of a cloudy London when it comes to the United Kingdom, isn’t it? But did you know that the United Kingdom has great shore areas with very pleasant beaches?

Starting on south England, you will find Brighton and Bournemouth, going up in Wales you will find New Quay, the most likely place to see seals and dolphins in the United Kingdom. Heading up, to North Ireland you will find White Park Bay, from where you can even enjoy distant views of Scotland and in here you will find so many white sand possibilities! Hey, be careful with the Loch Ness monster though!

The temperatures normally do not go below 0°C on winter months and do not go above 32°C on summer months. If you are looking for snow go up north to Scotland, if you are looking for a milder weather, follow south!


Culture and lifestyle

London is the top destination for travel lovers in the United Kingdom, but not only for the city skyline and the perfect union between the old and modern on its landscape. This cosmopolitan city is the perfect example of the diversity and multiculturality present in the United Kingdom, with residents coming from all around the world, with different languages, religious beliefs and cultures but living in harmony.

Culture and lifestyle


With more than 160 public universities around the United Kingdom, it is a top choice destination for the millions of international students who are looking for an opportunity to study in a multicultural environment. The United Kingdom education system is one of oldest, most prestigious, and worldwide recognized in the world, you certainly heard about the University of Cambridge or the Imperial College London. This recognition is an open door and an advantage for students on the working market, being seen as strong candidates.

One of the most particular features of United Kingdom’s universities is how practical the courses are. Unlike some other countries whose higher education is mainly theoretical, the hands on-the-job is something the British defend for their students to have success in their path. Therefore, you will often find courses with a placement experience or a sandwich year. Sounds “tasty” right? Leaving the food for another occasion, the sandwich year is an add-on to your course in which the students take a full year out of their degree to work in the industry – working full-time and being paid as any other regular employee. Normally you choose this option from the application moment, so your degree will have 4 years instead of 3.

Being the courses more practical than theoretical this means you won’t spend as much time at school and this will give you the flexibility to work while studying. Everyone needs some extra money for traveling, right?

Have you ever thought about the possibility to complete an MBA in one-year only? Sounds too good to be true? In United Kingdom the dreams do come true! Here you will have the possibility to achieve your master’s degree in one year only instead of the traditional two!

Either you are looking for a bachelor or a master, the United Kingdom will offer you the full experience and will make you immerge in a multicultural atmosphere as it is the number 1 destination for international students.


Food and drink

Tasting the traditional flavors of a country is a must-do while traveling! Who can resist to start the day with an English Breakfast loaded with baked beans, bacon and eggs? Make a lunch stop for the tasty Fish and Chips and take a break with some scones, filled with butter and jam, and of course, with your 5 o’clock tea!

Food and drink

Shopping and Nightlife

If you have time for some shopping when in London, allow yourself to get lost in the Oxford Street, Regent Street where you find the best brands! To finish your day, and no matter where in the United Kingdom, visit a local bar and taste the perfect beer or cider.

Shopping and Nightlife

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Things to see and do

Do not miss the opportunity to explore all the four corners of the UK!

Visit London but also the rural landscapes of North Ireland, the medieval sites of Wales and get to know the unique Scottish traditions!

Other cities

The United Kingdom has a non-endless list of possibilities and therefore a long list of amazing cities where students feel welcomed. In England you have so much more than big cities! You have one of the most known cities for students, Cambridge! Or if you are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle while studying you may get closer to the shore and head to Bournemouth, Brighton, Scarborough, among other destinations.

Wales will allow you to live in an historic place while studying and is a great destination for those looking for a smaller country. The most famous cities among students will be Cardiff, the capital, and Swansea, situated on the south coast. The welsh universities are proud on their education but as well on the wide range of extracurricular activities that are offered to students.

Belfast comes as first choice when studying in North Ireland, a welcoming city with plenty of things to do and affordable lifestyle. You will find in Belfast amazing universities such as Queen’s University and the Ulster University.

Living Costs

The living costs while studying abroad will vary from city to city but there are some unavoidable costs for a student beyond tuition fees:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transports
  • Course specifics (books, materials, field trips, etc)
  • Other (mobile phone bills, laundry, personal costs)
Living Costs

According with United Kingdom Visa and Immigration Department recommendations, studying in London requires a budget of £1,265 per month and outside London £1,015 per month. However, there is a general idea that the other countries from the United Kingdom (others than England), can offer more affordable living costs to students.

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