Going to college can be an overwhelming experience, even more so when you’re going to study in a different country. Because of that, universities have a “Welcome Week” in the first week of the school year to hopefully help students feel more connected to University life. Welcome Week: what to expect?

Continue reading and get to know our tips to have the best first week possible!

Preparing for Welcome Week

The best advice that we can give is to go with a positive mindset and to remember that you are all feeling the same struggles, fears and excitements, so don’t be afraid to talk and meet new people.

Depending on the institute you may have to pre-purchase tickets to the events that are happening in the Welcome Week – check the university website. Not all the events are going to be official and organized by the university so talk to people once you get on campus to know other events.

Welcome Week: what to expect?

Before you go you should join Facebook and WhatsApp groups that are made for the first-years to start to know each other and share information. It’s really good to know some of your colleagues before you go on campus so you don’t feel so alone

What to expect from Welcome Week?

Depending on the institute, you can have the Arrivals Weekend a few days before the Welcome Week. It consists of a weekend where the students that are going to stay and live on campus, move in. If this is your case it’s a great opportunity to try to make a few friends. Don’t be scared to introduce yourself and meet new people.

What are the Welcome Week events?

Either way you will always have the opportunity to make new friends in the Welcome Week, which is made specifically so that new students get to know each other, know the University as they go on the different events that the institute has planned throughout the day and in the evening.

The events in Welcome Week are very different depending on the institute but one thing we can say: there are a lot of different types of events! Your day can kick-off with a lecture and end with a party! Again, go with a positive mindset.

Also, there are going to be a lot of stands of different things and clubs that the university has, such as societies or sports teams. Take advantage of this and inform yourself about the projects that interest you the most.

Welcome Week: what to expect?

Does Welcome Week take place online?

Usually, yes! Since the covid-19 pandemic started almost every institute has adopted an hybrid format to ensure that all the new students can experience Welcome Week regardless of their location. Don’t forget to confirm this information on the website of the university you have chosen. If you choose to travel with our help, we’ll check on everything for you beforehand!

Welcome Week: what to expect?

Always remember that almost everyone is in the same situation as you so don’t be afraid to talk and meet new people. Everyone wants to make friends!

Are you excited to attend your institute Welcome Week? Every university has theirs but the programme and the activities change a lot from university to university so don’t forget to do your research and inform yourself. You can always send us a message and we can help you find and understand all the information you need about the Welcome Week that you are going to attend.

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