Living in Ireland is an amazing journey for anyone who chooses to study there! People are nice to you, the country is really beautiful and the experience of studying abroad and establishing relationships with the Irish is a life changing opportunity! You will start to see the world with completely different eyes! Where to live while studying in Ireland?

To start this adventure, you have some first steps you need to take and searching for accommodation is one of them. Where should you stay while studying in Ireland?

You have a wide choice of options when it comes to the place you are going to call “home” for the months that you are living abroad, so let us help you choose!

University or College Accommodation

First, you have the option to stay on-campus accommodations. Usually, they are apartments of 4 to 8 students, with a private room and shared bathroom, kitchen and living room. 

Some students choose this option because it can be easier to start building friendships with other students, at the same time that they are near the university!

In a student residence, you can have the option of self-catering (you arrange your own meals) or half board (2 meals per day guaranteed). Check the prices and choose the best fit for you!

Also, if you choose this option, make sure you make your application as soon as possible! Space is limited and there is a lot of search for this accommodation: some universities even have the possibility to apply for a waitlist before you get your offer.

Where to live while studying in Ireland?

Important Note: Universities always require that you make a commitment for the whole study year, otherwise you will need to pay the full amount or get some other student to replace you. Still, you have to make a deposit in advance and you can’t pay your rent on a monthly basis. Most of the time you pay it in two parts: first in september and then in march.

Private Accommodation

You want to be totally independent when it comes to the place you are going to live in Ireland? Maybe renting a private room or place is the best option for you!

Renting an apartment in Ireland is quite unaffordable for a student’s budget so normally students rent a room and share the house facilities… It’s a way to still have independence but also save some money!

Also, by sharing your accommodation, you will have the opportunity to share different cultural aspects and you will always have company, even better if you choose to live with other students who are going through the same as you.

Where to live while studying in Ireland?

How to find private accommodations? Most Institutions will have available a list of safe private landlords, and you can also search online (check airbnb and homestay) or even ask us for our help!

Important Note: Usually, students pay their rent monthly and in advance. At the beginning of a letting period you pay a deposit of one month’s rent, which will be refunded when you leave, and the normal length of a lease is 9 or 12 months.

Host Families

Last but not least, if you want the full Irish experience, you should stay with a family abroad! This is a great opportunity to make you speak the language and breathe the culture. Also, you’ll still have some independence at the same time that you have comforts and someone to help you in your journey in Ireland!

You don’t have to be afraid, since all the hosts are carefully screened every year to guarantee house conditions and procedures. And it can be a great way to start your new life in a different country!

Of course you’ll have some rules, but you can discuss them with the hosts once you are there! 

Where to live while studying in Ireland?

Think about these options and choose the one that suits you better! Also, don’t forget to start your search for accommodation early: look for different options online, compare prices (don’t overextend), see how close they are to campus and if they are near some station. 

This is going to be your accommodation for the months that you’re staying in Ireland. It is a big deal, since the place that you live in can change your whole experience! Do a good search, look for details and choose an accommodation that you like and can afford (this last one is really important)!

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