Your decision to study abroad can be influenced by many things like money, the university’s prestige or some friends you know who live there. However, we can almost guarantee that we never met a student who went to a city or country which didn’t have something that caught their attention. How to maximise your time when studying abroad?

As a result, when they arrive at their new homes, most of the foreign students have a difficult time managing the time between visiting the country, going to classes, and having a social life. For this reason, in this article, we highlight some tips you can use to try to maximise your time and do everything you want to do.

Get up early

One of the most helpful tips we can give you is to wake up early! Why? Well, when your day starts sooner you can get lots of things done even before your classes start. Also, you have more time to visit the city and places that during the day are crowded in a more calm environment.

Tip: If you already have jet lag when you get there this will be really easy for you! Enjoy your time by talking with your family, doing exercises, yoga or other things you like.

How to maximise your time when studying abroad?

Make plans of what you want to do 

Knowing beforehand the galleries, museums or parks you want to visit is a great starter to know where to go while walking around the city. However, if you don’t define what and when you want to visit, you can make your life harder. Look at the sites on a map and see which of the places are near to each other in order to group them so you can go to a specific area and visit everything!

Tip: First, set alarms so you can keep track of the time you are wasting when visiting the different places, and second, make a list of everything you want to visit so you don’t forget anything!

How to maximise your time when studying abroad?


Not only when you go to study abroad but also when you make a trip to another country, once you arrive you already want to visit everything that there is to visit. However, our recommendation is that with the list that you made of the places you want to go, organize them by priority. Do this and if you don’t have time to see some galleries that were last on the list, you won’t feel that bad!

Tip: If you have some hard thing or activity you want to do, make sure you do it first because when you start having more studying and work to do it’s harder to have the right motivation. Also, make sure that housework and time for university are included in your priorities!

How to maximise your time when studying abroad?

Don’t stress with time

We know you are in a different country and it’s hard not to stress: you get homesick, you have to meet new people, make new friends, maybe even talk in a different language. We know how difficult it can be, but also how amazing!

When we tell you not to stress with the time, it is for you to just enjoy the city and country where you choose to stay. Don’t stress if you still haven’t had the time to visit everything you want. You will have it and even if you don’t it’s just an excuse to come back!

Tip: Organize your schedule so you make sure you can visit everything you want!

How to maximise your time when studying abroad?

Now you know some tips to improve your time management when studying abroad! Do you have any other tips? Lets us know!



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