While there are students sure of their degree from the first day, there are students sure of their destination. In other words, choosing where to go might be as important as choosing what to study. But, how to choose your destination?

Having in mind your life experience you may from the beginning to know what you can and cannot not live with and without. On this spirit you need to ask yourself what is important for you in a destination. Above all, you need to understand what a good fit for you is.

The place

First you need to ask yourself: what are you used to and what are you looking for? Are you a city person who perfectly moves around busy and noisy cities full of people and endless entertainment opportunities and nightlife fever? Or maybe a relaxed countryside town where time goes smooth is a better choice for you?

Well, knowing where you want to live will already be a great filter on your list of possibilities, and you must take the time to think about it because it will be the place where you will the next years of your life and you must feel comfortable.

How to choose your destination?

Free time activities

So, a great way to understand if a destination is a good fit for you is thinking of how you will spend your free time. For sure you have some hobbies that you are not ready to open your hand off so take a minute to understand where you can keep doing it. Are you a nature lover and cannot spend your free time without a good hike? Can’t you live without seeing the beach and the sea for to long? You are all about culture and history and spending time visiting museums and historic monuments is definitely the way you what to spend your free time? This trick will help you making the right choice!

How to choose your destination?

Working opportunities

Last but not least, if you are looking to share your studying time with a part-time job it is important to understand if the destinations you have in mind can offer you that. Often big cities can offer more job opportunities but as well touristic areas can and you already have the advantage of speaking not just English but another foreign language. In conclusion, it is important to know what to expect from the different options you are considering.

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How to choose your destination?



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