Studying abroad can for sure represent a big cost for families but it is an investment that more and more students are willing to do to ensure a good future. But having a student loan is becoming more usual and a way to guarantee the access to the education the student wishes. Is it expensive to study abroad?

While there are students who can allow themselves to choose any destination, most of them need to carefully think about. A very important point to reflect about when studying abroad starts interesting you is to understand your budget and plan. Here some unavoidable costs you will need to have in mind.

Tuition fees

Firstly, the tuition fees are something most students are already aware of when it comes to higher education and you must be well informed before making your decision. While there are destinations with high tuition fees as USA and UK, there are other who offer excellent rates or even free tuition fees. Well, if you search, you will find places like the Nordic countries where tuition fees are free for European Students, being Norway free of tuition fees for any student of any nationality and background. Or countries as Spain and Holland where although tuition fees are not free, the value is not as high as other destinations.

Is it expensive to study abroad?

Living costs

Secondly, studying abroad means completing moving your life to another place so you will need to worry about the most diverse living costs. The most common will be:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transports
  • Course specifics (books, materials, field trips, etc)
  • Other (mobile phone bills, laundry, personal costs)
Is it expensive to study abroad?

In conclusion, we can tell you it will be important to have an idea of how much theses costs will represent monthly to ensure you will be covered at least for the first months. A lot of students opt for having a part-time job to council with school to balance the daily costs. However, depending on your destination, you can find financial support coming directly from universities or the country governments to face tuition fees or living costs.

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