Having international experience studying abroad can make you accomplish personal and educational goals that you never even thought about. However, these aren’t the only benefits of studying in another country. Do you know how it can help your career? Learn 5 career opportunities of studying abroad.

1 . Communications Skills

The ability to communicate in different languages is one of the most valued career benefits that studying abroad brings to you. When you live in a different country where the native language is not your own, you learn how to communicate well in very different scenarios which is a really important skill that employers value.

There is no better way to improve your speaking skills than when you can only talk in that specific language with all the real-world scenarios that a classroom can never bring you. Also, the best way for you to improve your accent is by talking with natives regularly.

5 careers opportunities of studying abroad

2 . Experience a different culture

When you live in a different country you become more conscious about its culture, traditions, food, language, music. It’s a complete immersion into a totally different environment. That sounds really exciting, right?

The world is changing faster every day. You need to adapt to it and evolve with it in a heartbeat. In the “work world” it’s the same. You need to be prepared to adapt to different people, plans, activities, every day, and there is no better way to train your adaptability than to learn to accept and live with different cultures.

3 . Expand your network

Studying in an international environment gives you really good connections.

Shifting abroad for studies will not only give you the chance to make lifelong friends from all around the world, but also give you the opportunity to create a global network of future colleagues whose skills you might end up needing at some point in your career.

Also, if you’re thinking about an international career, having connections in different places in the world can help you find career opportunities in other countries.

4 . Personal Development

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is your own personal growth. When you overcome the challenges and barriers of living and learning in another country, you boost your self-confidence, which can make you stand up for a job opportunity, for example.

The confidence and resilience that you acquire will help you conquer more important positions at your work, help you become more mature, gain new perspectives, develop or improve skills.

In addition, by putting yourself to the test, you will know yourself like never before and be on the right road to have an outstanding personality in the future! A person who not only accepts others, but especially herself.

5 . Impressive Resume

What do you think an employer envisions when he sees a resume of a person who studied in a different country? Courage and resilience? Ability to adapt? To talk in another language? If these were your first thoughts, you are right!

Did you know 73% of employers stated that experience studying abroad was important when they needed to make a choice for a new position in their company? International experience is highly desirable to employers.

5 careers opportunities of studying abroad

Do you still have doubts? Having an international assignment can make your resume a killer! Speaking a different language, having the bravery to go to a foreign country and adapt to its traditions is really appreciated by employers.

Don’t waste the opportunity to invest in your education as well as in your personal growth! Studying abroad creates successful students with lots of future opportunities. Want to know more than 5 careers opportunities of studying abroad? Contact us and find out about our offers.



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